offended much?

watch how you react in uncomfortable settings or when uncomfortable subjects are brought up…do you get defensive, offended, do you deflect or flee…your reactions to challenging moments and subjects speaks to your maturity and willingness to grow or your immaturity and fear of growth


As regards to the political theater conservatism is designed to keep the wealth in the hands of the the few. This is the concept of the rich or wealthy “conserving” the money flow – the economy. The poor or working class cannot “conserve” ¬†anything because their isn’t anything for them to ‘conserve” only the ruling class does. This is why conservatism will always be about the wealthy staying wealthy.

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Rodney D. Kirkwood ~ KING



Rodney D. Kirkwood


Rodney is one of the 12 Kings identifying the spirit infecting the relationships in families and inspiring the growth needed to start the reconciliation in our homes. His commitment to mentoring young men, leading in his local church, and spreading the gospel makes him a perfect vessel for God to use in this MOVEMENT to take back our families.

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