The church is not a hospital

What if I told you that you are the house that the spirit of God dwells in? Your life is a witness to others of the God that resides in you. The perception of how to live a holy life has been distorted and misconstrued, but lets correct these errors with truth.


The church is YOU and you are called to make disciples not invite people to church. Your life is the light that shines and intrigues the lost and your reputation is the hope that inspires the sick. Your lifestyle draws unbelievers and causes them to ask YOU questions about your God, and it is these opportunities that you introduce them to the Savior Yeshua the Moshiach or Jesus the Christ. Continue reading

We were made co…

We were made conscience by the tree of knowledge so intellectually we can rationalize immoral acts, but we are made righteous by choosing light that contradicts our own nature.

enlightenment is truth-last apostle