The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.- 1 Corinthians 15:56


Death has no sting to those who have died to themselves…the law has no curse to those who have it written on their hearts…when you have given up your life the enemy cant threaten you with the FEAR of taken it, because its not YOUR life anymore. Continue reading

your passion, my passion

I admire how when those who immigrate to this country (illegally or otherwise) aren’t satisfied with only their well being and prosperity. They immediately send for family and others that were left in the poor conditions of their homeland.


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what is love

love surpasses ethnicity or social standards.


Love is an eternal outpouring of God expressed by giving without any

expectations of getting

Love is forgiving again and again without condemnation or contempt


Love is most purely revealed when it is giving

to those who deserve it the least

Southern Fried Slam Poetry

ImageMe and around 200 poets from all over the United States partook in an event that will stay with me and countless others forever. It was big!!!!

I am part of the Upstate Slam Poetry Team called: SPEAKLIFE (click for video) and we had a blast. SPEAKLIFE and the rest of Slam Poetry Teams from everywhere competed in Slams and broung awareness to a vast number of issues, and vocalized a wide spectrum of beliefs. If you are ever in the Greenville, SC area and you like being inspired through poetry then you must visit Coffee Underground on Sunday at 7pm. I look forward to participating in the next Slam and perfecting my craft, bettering my ability to communicate truth in the most impactful way.




Have you ever been bothered by something that doesn’t seem to bother anyone else? I have; the death rate and just the chaotic level of violence in the Chicago streets keeps me up at night. I complain about it, pray about it, think about, and I am in the process of making a mini documentary about it. Continue reading