Planned Parenthood is doing nothing new

Margaret Sagner

The killing and selling of babies and body parts shouldn’t surprise you.

Planned Parenthood has never hidden its agenda as a human hygiene or a Eugenics practitioner.

Maragerat Sagner is the founder of Planned Parenthood.who is reported to have said

“The kindest thing you can do for a infant is to kill it”

She is celebrated as a hero for women’s rights when she really was a racist who thought it to be:

INTELLIGENT and ENLIGHTENED to stop the birth of Blacks which she refers to as



So when you see evidence of the selling of baby parts you should know that PLANNED PARENTHOOD has no concern of life and especially black life they see themselves as doing society a favor by depopulating the world of the


The former Egyptian President said WHAT!

egyptian president

Why did Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser say such a quote if there wasn’t a unified effort to keep” Blacks” from knowing their identity or for the world to acknowledge who the true Hebrews are…like I said truth matters! if it did not matter why was it suppressed? Christ is King! Yeshua is my Savior! and now we are understanding the scriptures like we never have in the past…this is not about hate but truth…just as christians don’t want the KKK to represent the whole of Christendom nor does the hate of mislead Hebrew Israelites represent the Hebrews who are lead by the holy spirit and the truth of the Bible.


“When you ask God to elevate you… you are asking Him to “cut” out the parts of you that hinder that elevation.


In essence God will stop giving you grace in areas you need to grow in…discipline allows you to feel the weight of your errors. He has to conform you into Him, and that process hurts sometimes”