im lost ~ poem



there’s knowledge that I can spit if you want it


golden background

blood of Jesus

why dont YOU come see...

[ im lost ]

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last apostle – spoken word

“I hold my breathe until the inside of my lungs bleed\ I close my eyes to visualize the same pain that the bums see\my thoughts are sick it’s like I’m forced to be ill\only the realist speech can come from me\they in a dark rage where I live\my hearts caged in my ribs,but my tongue’s free…

last apostle

breaking the code


Their is a specific purpose hardwired into your DNA that is activated when opposition is experienced. You are unique and in your heart is: ETERNITY” this is God’s code to unlock destiny and live as “One who is Called”. Your a piece of a great Masterpiece that inspires the Kingdom of God to be established.

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