you are not —

You have been told that you are the bottom of the barrel, and that your existence is rooted in savagery.

beautiful lion of Judah

You have been taught that you are lower than…less than…and that you come from jungles…and you are more closely related to apes than to man.

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Overtaken 2015


“Love People Love GOD”


last apostle

performed at


…as a man I must do as God’s commands say

even if that means i cant stand

I got to get on my knees fold my hands and pray

until every plea turns into a decree

that reaches Jehovah’s throne

and I keep standing

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I believe I may be too laid back sometimes it is this belief that leads to the stress of, “am I being productive enough”. I can waste the day and evening away reading or watching educational documentaries: I mean I could literally watch professors expound on certain subject matter for hours.

This gathering of information doesn’t seem “productive” enough sometimes. I often ask myself and usually my wife will ask,”how is this – getting fat on knowledge – adding to our life?” My answer is: it satisfies a hunger for knowing that contributes to my understanding of purposeful action and prudent decision making. I am not positive that exploring how deep the rabbit hole is actual ADD’s to my life more than it satisfies a thirst for answers.

The real question is does this information gathering translate into cash flow? In most cases I believe it does in other cases It would seem that knowledge liberates one from the ambition to acquire things or higher positions for prestige, but rather their is now a calmness in being rather than pursuing.

What if productivity isn’t always measured by tangible goods, but like a teacher there is such a thing as producing inspiration. If i can produce a poem that can teach, comfort, lead, and build understanding then i believe that I am being productive.

the truth

The more powerful the truth the more resistance there is to accepting that truth.


The path of righteousness is a very narrow path…in fact it is pressing on every side, however the wide path…the path that MOST people travel is the path towards destruction, and it is the MOST accepted path.

I am Hebrew

Ask yourself, “Am I offended by this statement of truth because it requires me to change my mind about how I live my life?”

I let go of being socially acceptable…it is society that rejects truth so when I stand on truth society will reject me.