There is a lot of professing of being awake lately!

I have found no shortage of those who want to define this awakening as everything from “a great falling away” to “the delusional” by those on the outside looking in. 

In fact I have found that to critically think and question the mainstream ideology requires  a courage that will offend most, because most don’t possess that courage.

Being AWARE isn’t in contrast of the truth, because the truth is a light that makes us all aware.

It was the moment that I realized I was lost without the Messiah that I became aware of my eternal need of redemption and requirement of repentance! 


My wife and I watched the movie “The Birth of a Nation” by Nate Parker and we were greatly inspired and encouraged by our hero Nat Turner and his courage to give his life for the liberation of his and my people. There was a line in the movie where Nat Turner’s character says,” I now read this bible with NEW EYES” it is with new eyes that we become aware of the truth and gain the power to inspire others or AWAKEN others to the truth of who they are. 


There are those who denounce Nat Turner as a lunatic and reject him as a hero, and definitely disagree that he understood the bible or was lead by the holy spirit to free his people. The rejection and demonizing of Black liberation is common in our society. Let me inform you that this line of reasoning is deeply embedded into the conscience, and black subjection is reinforced by this country’s christian society.  Continue reading


You are awakened out of the darkness of ignorance ReBORN as a citizen of God’s kingdom claiming your royalty as part of a Holy nation loyal to the KING subject to the constitution ( which is God’s word).


No longer are we cursed by the law, because now the law is engraved in our hearts. We adhere to the law, not out of fear, but in maturity we flourish in the freedom of its precepts. As a chosen people we not only keep the law as written in our constitution we go above and beyond ~ we don’t walk one mile with the hurt we carry them two! We not only love our God we love our enemy!

We are the expression of love intensified through our deeds integrated with thought and word


We are AWAKE

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