Are you doing your best?

It occurred to me that one cannot do their absolute best if they are not totally engulfed in that area of discipline. You cannot truthfully do your very best if you are not obsessed with that thing.

truth statement

If we look at what the Messiah required of his disciples it was that they “leave everything” and follow Him He in essence required that they “die to themselves” to become Discipline Students in order to establish and enter the Kingdom of the Most High. Yeshua wanted absolute obsession with the Kingdom and He settled for nothing less.

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“The Hebrew and other ancient peoples considered tribal solidarity to be the most important. They were united as one with their ancestors and their descendants. So they accepted responsibility for what their forebears had done, and they would be making the renewal for their descendants. They were aware that the actions of every individual had consequences that affected them all, and perhaps most significantly, the future generations.”

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Significance of Culture

Reestablishing our culture and autonomy is a process of moving away from the artificial identity given to us by our captors. When we return to the constitution of the Torah we recreate our cultural social norms and become independent and manage ourselves as our ancestors did, and run our communities free of imposed ideologies that create inferior mindsets in our people. We are not a nation and I reject the notion that “it doesn’t matter” who we are, because without identity you cannot operate in truth, power, and wisdom “…as a man thinks…so is he…” operating in truth and in submission to our KING Yeshua the Messiah will make us a holy nation reminiscent of ancient Israel! Those who oppose our awakening or our realizing our “roots” operating in the culture of our ancestors and removing the artificial identity placed on us are in fact working to hinder our empowerment to keep us a controlled people. There are over 900 scholars and witness that substantiate our link to the hebrew people of the scripture and more so called Black people are waking up to this daily…it’s our love for truth that instigates our passionate search for the authentic history free from the manipulation of the imperialist powers. We also reject the pagan influence of our messianic faith and the misinterpretation of scripture that makes the Law void and abuse grace. Early Messianics did infact keep the law under the submission of the holy spirit. I seek only to return to the truth and regain autonomy, however because we are a spiritual people in order for us to have true identity (which is a prerequisite to a healthy community) we must reconnect to WHO WE ARE as it is defined in scripture and history.

Heart Issue

We often hear as a response to racism, violence, and disenfranchisement of a people that it’s a Heart Issue.

In the Christian community when obvious disregard for Black life is captured and answers and justice is demanded our Pastors and ministers respond: it’s a Heart Issue…they need Jesus. 

While these are true statements “It’s a heart Issue ” is a juvenile and dismissive response to the problem.

Of Course it’s a “Heart Issue” everything is an out pouring of what is inside,but to respond to systematic genocide of melanated people with it’s a “Heart Issue”  is evasive and cowardly.


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