We can’t Ignore: featuring words from Hamza Taylor and Chosen Ctw


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“It’s sad to say but in a few weeks a lot of us will continue to live as if nothing has happen. We will live like this until another son or daughter is snatched from us. We will then repeat the cycle, and we will then repeat the cycle.

We will not unite permanently. We will march temporarily.
We will scream until our voice becomes hoarse.
We will cry until eyes are dry. We will then repeat this cycle, and then again repeat this cycle.

We will do nothing!
Don’t convince yourself you’re ready to fight.
We will do nothing.

We will know when we are truly ready.
Social media will be silent because WE will be too occupied to log on. “
‪#‎WillNotBeTelevised‬ – Hamza Taylor


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Black on Black crime

“America is very segregated, and its criminality conforms to that fact. So the victims of most crimes are the same race as those who commit them. Eighty-four percent of white people who are killed every year are killed by white people. White people who buy illegal drugs are most likely to buy them from white people. Far from being extraordinary, the fact that black criminals are most likely to commit crimes against black people makes them just like everybody else. A more honest term than “black-on-black crime” would be, simply, ‘crime.’” – Gary Young


In this political season you will hear a lot of nonsense please stay informed.

Truth is the key to freedom…there are those that will kill to keep the truth from being spoken…I am willing to die to for the privilege of giving you the “keys” to your freedom.