just 60 years ago

bus boycotts

Never doubt the power you have to change things…Our power as a people will always be when we meet in unity inspired by Our God to take action!


You empower what you finance…stop financing what doesn’t honor you.


Their is so much wealth in your community if you would just look.

the POWER of art

The articulation of emotion can resonate in the soul and drive you to deep placesĀ 

places you wouldn’t venture if not for the poem that pronounced so intimately your pain

dangerous artist

The power of your gift is unmeasurable

the significance of your talent is potent!

artist your ART can turn a nation and rouse a people

Black people your expression is the future vision of a royal heritage

Overtaken 2015


“Love People Love GOD”


last apostle

performed at


…as a man I must do as God’s commands say

even if that means i cant stand

I got to get on my knees fold my hands and pray

until every plea turns into a decree

that reaches Jehovah’s throne

and I keep standing

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