“my dream”

new poem


my dream is that my people will finally become a nation

and submit to the Creator with such dedication

that it would be impossible to justify the injustice of denying us reparations

I dream that the government will be overtaken

by the kingdom


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The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.- 1 Corinthians 15:56


Death has no sting to those who have died to themselves…the law has no curse to those who have it written on their hearts…when you have given up your life the enemy cant threaten you with the FEAR of taken it, because its not YOUR life anymore. Continue reading

a good poet

“…a good poet knows that their poems are like seeds

and if it is deep enough

it will take root in your soul

 you can go back and read when its rough

like scrolls

in your grief there is grace

keep your feet planted in faith


suceed for us

your life is encouraging more people than you can

ever know.”


excerpt from new book

crumbled paper

Wisdom in part is predicting the future. Wisdom can make the differentiation between seasons. Wisdom knows when to plant seeds and when to harvest what was planted. Wisdom can see danger from a distance and guide you into a preferred outcome.

last apostle