walking in the …

walking in the confidence of knowing I am His…I speak with a bold assurance of knowing my words have power…I listen to wise counsel and I rebuke fools…I watch for His word to be completed in me, and through me… I AM COURAGEOUS! because I know who my God is!



I sometimes struggle with what road to take in my following Christ I think I over think things too much, maybe…I don’t know. Being Indecisive is a paralyzing attack on my ability to lead – not knowing what to do – greatly hinders me going forward. I found out that it is out of fear of making the wrong decision that I hesitate on making any decision. When we constantly linger in the mistakes of the past we confine our thinking on yesterday and not in the now. This is the thing – we will make mistakes, but wisdom is using the past failures as a stepping stone not a stumbling block we are to live without fear – not in boundage. Today I ground myself in the word of God submit to the holy spirit and walk in the courage that I am making the right decision, and if it turns out that I made the wrong one; well I just have another stepping stone to stand on. Lord lead me in your ways as I boldly go forward…Amen.