Breaking the programing

It is curious that we reject truth.

It is as if there is some psychosis distorting our grasp of reality and self worth. 


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“my dream”

new poem


my dream is that my people will finally become a nation

and submit to the Creator with such dedication

that it would be impossible to justify the injustice of denying us reparations

I dream that the government will be overtaken

by the kingdom


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The ONE thing that is constant is change


We all struggle with uncertainty from time to time perhaps because change  is not secure and the outcome of change is not ,well certain. I am coming to the understanding that because change is constant that if we can somehow predict change we can then position ourselves to stand on the stable ground that is on the other side of change. Continue reading

where your at


You’re not even going to recognize yourself a year from now.

The speed of change is relegated to your willingness to grow and submit to the best you NOW. My habits are changing, my interest are changing, I am outgrowing some things and finally walking on higher levels. The best YOU is simply allowing God to have His way with your life – take your hand off the wheel and let Yeshua drive. The more you become Christ minded the more you think in accordance with your anointing, your calling, your purpose – the more you will change. Continue reading