Heart Issue

We often hear as a response to racism, violence, and disenfranchisement of a people that it’s a Heart Issue.

In the Christian community when obvious disregard for Black life is captured and answers and justice is demanded our Pastors and ministers respond: it’s a Heart Issue…they need Jesus. 

While these are true statements “It’s a heart Issue ” is a juvenile and dismissive response to the problem.

Of Course it’s a “Heart Issue” everything is an out pouring of what is inside,but to respond to systematic genocide of melanated people with it’s a “Heart Issue”  is evasive and cowardly.


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How do we make sense out of Orlando?

What perspective are we to view this event with that seems so senseless and horrific?

orlando shooting

I believe we must look at it with reason and logic, and we must also view tragedy with a emotional and spiritual lens. 

If we consider what happened in Orlando, Florida only from the perspective in which it is reported we are bypassing critical reasoning, and it is very important to first be critical of the information presented by mainstream media, why?

We must use critical reasoning when viewing media, because there is always an agenda that is usually below the surface pushing us to come to a certain conclusion and support a particular idea. Continue reading