at 107.3 jamz promoting Culture Shock with Rhonda Rawlings

at 107.3 jamz promoting Culture Shock with Rhonda Rawlings

I was impressed how well my princess Aleigha handled herself and Janelle did a awesome job as well. Our young people are going to change this world!!!! Culture Shock at GRILL 33 on June 8th don’t miss it!!!!


exceptional character – Corbin Hogue

I have the pleasure of introducing you to a young man who is sold out for Jesus Christ –

Corbin Hogue


When there are so many negative stories of our young men flooding the media it feels good to be able to present to you a story of a great young man. I have come into contact with this young man through ministry, and it seems ministry is all he wants to do. Continue reading

harvest time

Teenagers are experiencing an combustion of emotions that explode a million times a minute, and us adults are trying to manage the carnage. It is a peculiar place to reside: transition – that is what a teenager is – a wilderness designed to shed childish thinking to obtain maturity or show the ability to respond to freedom.


– my daughter is planning an event called Culture Shock

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God’s wrath pt. 3


When one says God’s¬†wrath what do you think of?…Fire raining down from the heavens…Great earth quakes…Tidal waves…WAR!…Perversion…TOTAL lack of compassion? I am not a gloom and doom person I only was recently reading Ezekiel of the Old Testament and the Spirit of God showed me something. It was scary yet hopeful because God always chooses to call those who would heed His call to react in great calamity. Now, as I get into this you might be saying or thinking what GREAT calamity?

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