“my dream”

new poem


my dream is that my people will finally become a nation

and submit to the Creator with such dedication

that it would be impossible to justify the injustice of denying us reparations

I dream that the government will be overtaken

by the kingdom


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narrowing in

Each step is a calculated measure of faith


Today ignore the distractions by narrowing in on the VOICE of the ONE who has called you.

Your purpose…your destiny is manifested by your support and commitment to the ONE who placed in you your purpose and focusing in on the ONE who Created your destiny.


The narrow path is hard for a reason…only a few “chosen people” are heeding the call and have accepted and believe in the destination enough to forsake everything and follow after it.

Don’t be deceived into believing (supporting) the fallacy that you can live your way and that nothing matters and still be on the path towards the ONE who called you.


Today NARROW in…block out the noise of good and focus on the GREAT I AM


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Calling leads to destiny

goals are dreams with deadlines…vision is the destination of all your dreams…calling is the route towards your destiny


your destiny which is the vision God painted in your heart that He reveals in snapshots called dreams…these dreams are only reached with goals that you set because you first answered your calling