vocalizing the whole truth


 I am vocalizing a truth that is vital to us as a people disconnected to our power, but long to reclaim our “identity”. Who we are has been distorted we have been told half truths and I believe the powers fear us realizing the knowledge of who we truly are. I am passionately presenting the truth of who WE are without the “distortion” that we currently languish in. ~ Eric Haylock

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Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes


In the 1920’s a young writer ventured into what was known as the “Negro capital of the world” which was none other than Harlem, New York. In a calculated and determined pursuit of social inclusion this poet named Langston Hughes teamed up with Cottun Colley, W.E.B Dubois and others to start the “New Negro Renaissance.” What started as the pursuit of creating high art redefining how the Negro was portrayed and perceived exploded into the dynamic social conscientiousness of intellectualism, theater, literature, dance, Jazz, and all artistic and social expressions. This “Harlem Renaissance” revolutionized American art and reshaped the perception in which Black people were perceived and distinguished them in society as contributors.  ~ excerpt from upcoming ebook “The Revolution that killed Hip Hop” 

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crumbled paper

Welcome pt.1

crumbled paper

WELCOME part.1

Poem by Eric Haylock


Last apostle

Welcome to the jungle of apes and monkeys

Drunk’s snakes and junkies

Walk straight or Jake will seal your fate

Behind the prison gate where those punks be

Aint no brakes for the hungry

In this Spiritual starvation

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