the deconstruction of reality


We are fed images and sound bites of what is going on around us and manipulated by the gatekeepers of media until reality is a built fantasy far from the actual truth. Wealth, family, and faith has been distorted by the the media especially the industry that targets the black community.

The violent images of Ray Rice has been displayed and analyzed by a vast array of news shows snowballing into scrutiny of even college level players highlighting domestic violence. While the murder of Mike Brown that erupted into riots slowly faded into the background very curiously by the violent act of this Ray Rice without the attention on police brutality. It would seem the ugliest aspects of the black community is broadcasted and then commercialized by the music industry digested by the world until we slowly construct a new reality of others and the status of our community.

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you are not mad…

you are not made free by your ability to buy things…you are free when you are operating in your calling

true freedom



The word conspiracy conjures up different emotions in different people from different walks of life, but what is it? Conspiracy is to me in its most pure translation: to “instigate a lie” or to “inspire through deception” or ” scheme in secret” conspiracy is a dark plan by your enemy to control you or keep you from obtaining truth and walking in freedom.


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