Greatness in YOU

You are at an intersection that only allows two directions in which you can travel.


These two paths are light and dark and every decision is a step in that journey every action is as monumental as death and life.

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Maya Angelou – A Great inspiration


I remember hearing how she would kindly escort guest from her home if they spoke in a negative way or was offensive to another person; I don’t know why but that stuck with me. Maya Angelou embodied poetry and her heritage is inspiration her legacy is: LIVE this life to its fullest! We will miss the wonderful spirit that was expressed in her every breath.



Ms. Maya Angelou truly was a phenomenal women.



exceptional character – Corbin Hogue

I have the pleasure of introducing you to a young man who is sold out for Jesus Christ –

Corbin Hogue


When there are so many negative stories of our young men flooding the media it feels good to be able to present to you a story of a great young man. I have come into contact with this young man through ministry, and it seems ministry is all he wants to do. Continue reading