The former Egyptian President said WHAT!

egyptian president

Why did Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser say such a quote if there wasn’t a unified effort to keep” Blacks” from knowing their identity or for the world to acknowledge who the true Hebrews are…like I said truth matters! if it did not matter why was it suppressed? Christ is King! Yeshua is my Savior! and now we are understanding the scriptures like we never have in the past…this is not about hate but truth…just as christians don’t want the KKK to represent the whole of Christendom nor does the hate of mislead Hebrew Israelites represent the Hebrews who are lead by the holy spirit and the truth of the Bible.

not for everyone


Could it be that you were called out of the whole…could it be that you are to be set apart?

What keeps me up at night may not keep you up at all or even cross your mind…I have come to grips that it is a waste of breath to try to get you to be concerned with what God hates, because everyone is not “that concerned with truth.

Even those who publicly claim to have a relationship with the Messiah are publicly endorsing what the Messiah hates!

It is not my place to point out the coming judgement for establishing laws that are a abomination to Ahayah… or is it?

The courage to stand on truth is “not for everyone” only those who have been marked!

Their are those who have been set apart to cry out for a nation…a people…for the salvation of souls who are being ushered into perversion and destruction.

There are those who are to be like John the Baptist and proclaim truth to the lost and the chosen.

Not everyone has the courage or even cares enough to pronounce : “REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND”

What is outreach?

This world cannot be saved!

21005_10205506067943599_4519810167140341177_n (1)

It is doomed!

I am now equipping those who have accepted Yeshua with truth!

As the holy spirit is pulling those who have not found their identity to truth


Now is a message of REPENTANCE!!!

I will reach out in LOVE with the life changing TRUTH

Stand on the word

In a time where no one does


Can you save Egypt?

Can you save boundage?

Can you save Babylon?

Can you save America?