Truth and Love


In uncovering a truth that has been suppressed we become more complete. Discovering who you are when it was previously hidden is like wiping the sot off a mirror to clearly observe your reflection. The revelation I am referring to is the scripture, anthropology, history, and countless scholarly reports supporting the fact that the so – called Negro in America is actually the Tribe of Judah. Continue reading


“…Blacks were indoctrinated with a distorted doctrine / developing a deteriorated self worth /  so when white Deities were displayed they viewed their skin as sin / saw their self as cursed…”


you so called Negroes are of the Tribe of Judah

God of the Hebrews

ANAYAH  – the Most High – there is a people chosen and I am afraid that who this world calls chosen is not who the Most High calls chosen…the people that are oppressed are the ONE’s  ANAYAH calls chosen…this revelation is now being revealed