Hip Hop is Dead (and I killed it)

crumbled paper

I only convey the phrases he tells me to portray to you

The word is the bread

 Deeply imbedded into my thoughts

So I only speak when I am lead to talk

They rap about how they trap floss what they bought and beg for your support, but once you get caught they don’t back you in court

And you ride that track

Get you some dollars

Claim that the king of rap is Christopher Wallace

But he refers to himself as Lucifer

So he quite literally has the wickedest flows

last apostle

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new poem


darkness and light
ignorance and knowledge
if you’re in the dark when you write
what you are spitting is garbage
those in the light
their speech pays homage
to the Kingdom of God
royal priest that acknowledge
that the King is Christ
who ignites our anointing
to break boundage
this poem is the knowledge of life


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Everybody Wanna Fly


Im from where the sun don’t shine

the slum where the bums are on grind

in the street
where the pain exist
and the weak slit the veins in there wrist
the greif
is the lack of love
here where blacks do drugs
for crack
they shove that gun in your spine

I pray we overcome this time
don’t stray or succumb to crime
because the prisons is packed with thugs

who lack wisdom
so they clap them slugs
at their own son’s sometimes
slaughter their daughters
make their brothers lie
while reporters record us
so, our mothers cry

woman crying
what Im trying to say
is I pray to a Higher Power
its OK
to admit this life ain’t sweet
sometimes its uphill, steep
you cant deny its sour
you can die THIS hour
– sleep-
its vital our next step
you ever wounder why when you open the bible

“Everybody Wanna Fly”

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hip hop is DEAD


You want to be battle rap boss

rattle facts off on how you squeeze A R’s and tech’s

tell K.R.S that Hip Hop is dead and I killed it

I stabbed it in the side to let out all the lies that its filled with

I paint protest signs of prophetic lines

which god do you pray too… reveal it

Ill gladly profess mine

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