I L o v e y o u


I love you – I know you are wondering how I can tell you

–      I love you –

When I don’t even know you, and yet I still am compelled

 To convey these words

 – I Love you, and I say

 – I Love You – with the gravity of infinite galaxies.

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I submit to the King of kings. I walk with the confidence of one who is certain of their identity. Identity is destiny; when you know who you are it becomes obvious what you aren’t. I am heirs to the throne…a royal priest…a holy nation…I am set apart…made for the purposes of my Creator…I am a king. A king is a servant to all and must sacrifice himself for the kingdom. I am not a sucker…a fool…a liar…rebellious…selfish…disloyal…I am not weak or unsure of myself…I am the head not the tail…the lender not the borrower…I am not a loser. I am a king are you?


I don’t know how to love. I wont make excuses, but I will explain – I don’t think most men know how to love, and to take that further I don’t believe black men have a clue. To start off I am black or African American and if I was to get specific my father is from South America – Belize to be precise and my mother is from Harlem so I have some authority to speak from the “Black” perspective.  Image   Continue reading