I have to believe “dreams” are a occurance of eternal proportions. Dreams are visions into fate that describe you and your destiny. Science has trivialized “dreams” as common and meaningless occurences that only speaks to your past.Image I believe dreams are sometimes vision’s from God that when we have the courage to act on accomplish awesome and great things in this earth. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. may have only used “dream” in a figurative way to articulate his vision of progress I however believe he was illuminating the vision Continue reading

God’s wrath pt. 3


When one says God’s wrath what do you think of?…Fire raining down from the heavens…Great earth quakes…Tidal waves…WAR!…Perversion…TOTAL lack of compassion? I am not a gloom and doom person I only was recently reading Ezekiel of the Old Testament and the Spirit of God showed me something. It was scary yet hopeful because God always chooses to call those who would heed His call to react in great calamity. Now, as I get into this you might be saying or thinking what GREAT calamity?

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