The power of Identity

I believe with proper identity we side step many of the snares of the enemy.


Removing the ambiguity of our collective identity creates a continuity that alligns us as a people that can facilitate autonomy. When ignorance is replaced with knowledge we gain a footing to build plans based off of vision. With proper identity we submit to wisdom and nurture purpose. Identity cultivates prosperity and reveals our inadequacies.

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The Power of a Nation

  1. a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.
    synonyms: country, sovereign state, state, land, realm, kingdom, republic


Black or Negro is not a nation or a race.

When we ignorantly refer to ourselves as Black we reveal our deep incompetence.

In the darkness of being unaware we stumble further into the powerlessness of 


I am Hebrew

OUR nationality is HEBREW

lion of judah

Only a people who claim their nation have standing in this earth of nations.

When we realize our IDENTITY!


we will be worthy of 



Let us not forget what POWER is OURS

OUR POWER is not of this world.

Isaac wrestled with an angel and was then renamed

Prince of POWER!



Abraham Issac Jacob alter AhaYah

Black People or so – called Negroes of America you are

Children of POWER!

You are the chosen people who have forgotten your identity..


Become a NATION again…take hold of your true heritage.

You are a  people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.



Your POWER is in your GOD



come back to Him.

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The stone that the builders rejected

The stone that the religious authorities rejected was Christ, and He was the very cornerstone of the faith that we would eventually build our lives with. The Pharisee’s conspired and delivered Our Savior to the government that would tear down this “KING”, and that same government would kill and persecute Christ’s followers.


Our KING’s name is





(the Greeks Highest God is: ZEUS – then  Latin translation is Jesus, but in Hebrew

Our Saviour’s name is Yahshua : God OUR Salvation)


There is now a stone that the “POWERS” of this world conspire against and tear down…even today their are a people that are “rejected” and denied a place as the CHOSEN.

The builder rejected the stone before to hold on to power and to thwart the reign of the true KING.

The builder today still rejects the stone that God Himself has CHOSEN


…a people who’s identity was stolen…a people who where displaced, and stripped of all connection to their ancestor’s…a people who were enslaved and systematically terrorized psychologically and spiritually.

A people who have been targeted by every world power then and are targeted now!


A Hebrew people…a CHOSEN people…a Royal priesthood of Kings and Queens…

Let every Hebrew tribe look to the Most High!.

Black People

haylock family

…WE are the TRUE Hebrew People rejected by the builder.


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my “INVITATION” by last apostle

I am called to ignite the passion in you to take action! We in Christendom hold Jerusalem in Israel in high regard because of its symbolic reference as the city of God. I have come to my senses by the enlightenment of the holy Spirit that the modern Jewish people are not the standard that those of us who follow Christ are to measure ourselves. The truth is when you repent and are born again you are adopted into royalty. You! If you call Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior are now in the bloodline of the King of kings. The kingdom we are to establish is not a physical place, but rather a eternal city in the hearts of men. The demonic power and principality of racism is alive and thriving in what we refer to as the “holy city” eugenics, bigotry, and many other fruit of the flesh are prevalent. The truth is this world often times finds favor and establishes those who align with the agenda of the dark kingdom of Satan. It is in most cases those who are persecuted, oppressed, and discriminated against are in union with the kingdom of God.

I am a vessel in which the spirit of God can flow through in the form of spoken word expressing the thoughts of the Most High. In the video attached to this blog is an artistic depiction of  a king calling a chosen generation to take up “arms” and take their promise land. Your promise land is the place where you thrive in your calling or have dominance in, because like Adam you are called to have dominion. The Drake-o AK-47 you see me holding is meant to represent the sword that Yahshua said he came to bring not peace, Matt. 10:34. The sword the Messiah was talking about really meant division because of truth. The AK-47 I’m holding is representative of truth expressed dramatically to connect  culturally. The arms that I am inspiring you to take up is: truth not carnal weapons, but the word of God. I am motivating an army to raise up and take an active role in pursuing the purpose God placed on the inside of you.  The act of pursuing your purpose or pressing through adversity is the fight of establishing the kingdom. The Ethiopian Jew can trace their linage back to King David ( the Ethiopian Jew adhered to authentic traditions that where so specific the leaders of Jerusalem adopted some of the Ethiopian practices) and believed it was their calling to be recognized and received as a official Israelite and citizen of Israel for over a thousand years. They where finally accepted with the assistance of U.S and instead of being received they where mistreated and rejected by their own people. Our promise land is New Jerusalem…not the city in Israel where certain Jews are not welcome, but the city in the hearts of the people. It is time for a revival…a rebirth…a New Jerusalem Renaissance. Take up “truth” and stand with passion until you persevere…together we can build this city on a hill…establish the kingdom and find victory in our promise land…this is …my “INVITATION”