Are you doing your best?

It occurred to me that one cannot do their absolute best if they are not totally engulfed in that area of discipline. You cannot truthfully do your very best if you are not obsessed with that thing.

truth statement

If we look at what the Messiah required of his disciples it was that they “leave everything” and follow Him He in essence required that they “die to themselves” to become Discipline Students in order to establish and enter the Kingdom of the Most High. Yeshua wanted absolute obsession with the Kingdom and He settled for nothing less.

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Our Real Power


Our Real POWER is UNITY!

In your pain and fear you turn to the righteousness of your Creator for peace, and in doing so you are reminded that peace isn’t tranquility or the absence of war. The peace that descends on us from His throne is a peace that keeps you in the midst of this current storm. You must remember to lean on this peace when certain injustice  compounds the wounds made from our authority and accepted by our society. The images of young and vibrant lights are violently extinguished on video stabbing our conscience provoking us to cry out for the reciprocity that should be common to any human life. Remember to temper your conscience and remind your rational to gage your requirement for justice for this need for righteousness may elude us once again.It is the peace of the Most High that will fill the obligation that America almost always reneges on.

It is our coming together as a people that will empower our communities and strengthen our courage and raise our consciousness.

The power that deforms the idea of right is also the power that decides if it should hold itself accountable.

Ida B. Wells

King James the 1st and the 6th

king james

This is a image of King James the 6th King of Scotland and 1st King of Britanica (Britain).

This image was captured on cloth, and is found in Cambridge University.

king James2

I urge you to research this for yourself.

Start your research with W.B.Patterson.


king James

There was a lot of white washing to hide the true history.

I found this interesting.

If you don’t know who you are then you don’t know your role on this planet.

I am BIG on identity because I believe in my heart of hearts that if you don’t know who you are you will NOT be able to thrive in your God ordained purpose.

The Heavenly Father assigned identity to you, and likewise your father gives you your identity. You are not supposed to wander aimlessly in search of your purpose you are given your IDENTITY by your father and this IDENTITY establishes your purpose.

My father assigned me identity meaning he told me what distinguishes me and what I am to be persistent in, and his father gave him his, and his father his and so on and so on.


  1. 1.
    lineal descent from an ancestor; ancestry or pedigree
    1. 1.
      property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance.
      synonyms: inheritance, birthright


      Your identity is your BIRTHRIGHT!

      You can not discount your heritage! In knowing your role in the community. Your heritage paints the picture and your God calls you to make it a MASTERpiece.

      God has given you gifts and talents and in your submission to your father those abilities uplift your people while establishing you in your purpose.

      The Revolution that killed Hip Hop is: IDENTITY.

      The revolution that killed Hip Hop


      When you gain identity you will feel silly imitating a culture that isn’t yours. When you discover your true “identity” you will uncover the beauty in what you were “chosen” to be.


      Every movement is a revival or a rebirth of what was lost or forgotten. New Jerusalem Renaissance is the rebirth of a culture we have lost, yet central to all of what humanity calls truth. God made you His but the world told you that you are worthless giving you a false identity in fear of the power that you would obtain if you operated as God’s masterpiece. When you wake up to the truth of who you are the enemy’s rule of bondage will begin to fall apart, because we know from the word that truth unlocks freedom.” – from The Revolution that Killed Hip Hop.