The power of Identity

I believe with proper identity we side step many of the snares of the enemy.


Removing the ambiguity of our collective identity creates a continuity that alligns us as a people that can facilitate autonomy. When ignorance is replaced with knowledge we gain a footing to build plans based off of vision. With proper identity we submit to wisdom and nurture purpose. Identity cultivates prosperity and reveals our inadequacies.

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YES, it matters!

If I was an wicked ruler whose rulership thrived with having a people in a subservient state I would use my power to keep the people ignorant. As a evil King it would be in my self interest to keep the bottom class uneducated, because the knowledge of identity would conflict with the oppression that my kingdom or government benefits from.

eric author

So, the question is does it matter who prominent people in history are?

The obvious answer to this question is un – equivalently YES!

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remember when…


When I was in high School and I got a girl’s number I had to go home get my most polite and respectful voice together to call her, because her mother or her father could pick up the phone. Now teenagers have their own phone so when a boy gets a girls number he can call or text her directly with no filter theres no ,”OK I better get myself together, because the parent may pick up” thought process anymore.


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We were made co…

We were made conscience by the tree of knowledge so intellectually we can rationalize immoral acts, but we are made righteous by choosing light that contradicts our own nature.

enlightenment is truth-last apostle