This might be my best poem 

or at the very least its the next poem

the one after the last one

I promise not to expound on how

blacks blood goes SPLAT!!!

on the ground when they blast guns


not this time around Im a elevate

over guttas and curbs

 before I utter a word

I’m a meditate…

remember when…


When I was in high School and I got a girl’s number I had to go home get my most polite and respectful voice together to call her, because her mother or her father could pick up the phone. Now teenagers have their own phone so when a boy gets a girls number he can call or text her directly with no filter theres no ,”OK I better get myself together, because the parent may pick up” thought process anymore.


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Maya Angelou – A Great inspiration


I remember hearing how she would kindly escort guest from her home if they spoke in a negative way or was offensive to another person; I don’t know why but that stuck with me. Maya Angelou embodied poetry and her heritage is inspiration her legacy is: LIVE this life to its fullest! We will miss the wonderful spirit that was expressed in her every breath.



Ms. Maya Angelou truly was a phenomenal women.