Black Wall Street

Black Wall Street

Tulsa, Oklahoma


black wealth

When Blacks were denied access to white facilities the Black people of Tulsa started their own community. Marcus Garvey even planned to have ships transport goods from France, Africa, Canada, and other places to do business with this thriving city before the city was terrorized by surrounding Mayors and white mobs. 

black bombings

This is a part of our history that must be taught to over and over again. Continue reading

make it about others


You are placed on this earth in your nation on your block to solve a problem. You are to give your life over to the problem you are created to solve. Your calling is your purpose requesting your presence.


As you venture towards the voice of the ONE calling you your life will look less like you and more like the ONE who is calling you. You cannot remain who you are and become who you were created to be.  Continue reading

Black and proud

.”if the negro is to be free he must move down into the inner resources of his own soul and sign with the pen and ink of self assertive manhood his own emancipation proclamation…don’t let anybody take your manhood…” ~ Dr. King


let HONOR become synonymous with your reputation…leave a legacy of HONOR


Every Kingdom is built upon it and every civilization falls without it

Every relationship thrives because of it

The brokenness of all communities find the lack of HONOR at its root.

Basic RGB



Refuse to dwell or support anything that disHONORS