LOVE bleeds FREEDOM ~ spoken word

love bleeds freedom

Love is a institution

faith is the foundation

His word is the constitution

hope is the implication of every word spoke

I hope it breaks you free of your limitation

To break you FREE is Liberation

from your dark boundage…

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“LOVE wants to take you places FEAR doesn’t want you to go”

love (1)

because love

love (1)

because love

i love love
not just the idea of love either
i love what love is
like how faith and hope are in the eternal realm
the same place that love lives
i love the feeling that love gives
i love making love to my wife

how it creates life
little beings of love
i love kids

i love the fact that love forgives
when i do love wrong
and i can’t look love in the face
in my disgrace
i tell love i don’t belong
but love doesn’t care
love says “come here, i LOVE you”
and gives me a hug
love is so strong
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fickel bonds

If our unity is based upon me ignoring injustice then I question the validity of our unity…my compassion for a perishing people is born out of love … I share in the suffering of others, and in the diversity of relationships…please allow me to want something more for a hurting people without you translating it as divisive.