love is an eternal light that chases the darkness of fear to hell


love is a revolutionary act

the most revolutionary act


in this day in time is:


i will fight for love

die for love

i will live love

~ with every fiber in my being ~

a PEACEFUL people

I realize that it may be uncomfortable for some when Black People express their pride in their culture. This obviously is because of the history this country has built its foundation on.


Our Blackness should not be met with your defensiveness

Our culture is pride, unity, self – determination, and resilience we are

peaceful people…a faithful people…a chosen people


We are a PEOPLE who forgives

We are a PEOPLE who loves

-with our whole heart –

being in love


I imagine love

to be an eternal relationship

expressed in infinite ways like

when a king


is blessed with the presence of his queen

his heart rate races in his chest

he takes deep breathes

his speech suggest worship his body language

implements praise!

“Hey, how was your day?”

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what is love

love surpasses ethnicity or social standards.


Love is an eternal outpouring of God expressed by giving without any

expectations of getting

Love is forgiving again and again without condemnation or contempt


Love is most purely revealed when it is giving

to those who deserve it the least


Your hard work and preparation was prudent and often pays off, however you would be wise to remember that all increase comes from above.

Increase Our Faith

It is God who made your hope whole

Your faith was made real by the All Mighty not your talent, and hard work alone.

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You are the Light


Your experience is so unique that your voice is the antidote to the cancer killing the esteem of a young lady suffering from some abuse that she keeps buried deep and far from the judging eyes of the world.


Your life is the LIGHT that will inspire like a star in the dark nights of some young man struggling through a secret crisis.

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