When I think of fatherhood I think of Manhood.
The unselfish characteristics and steadfast faith of the men who defined what being a father is. These men also reflected the strong image of Masculinity and a consistent integrity that guides and instills courage.


The greatest examples of this Manhood and strength were also assassinated or deported by their country.


As I think of Fatherhood I am also compelled to think of the forces at work against strong and powerful Manhood.


I am a Man
I am a Father
King, X, Garvey

There is someth…

There is something about work for a man…it gives him a sense of purpose, even if that work is not necessarily his “dream”. It is the act of providing for his family that fulfils him, and working is proving to God that you can manage what is in front of you. David worked cleaning up sheep crap before he was given the opportunity to walk in his purpose and live out his dreams.

a working man is a providing for his family – a mans dreams can not superceed his role as a provider.