media mind

If by definition “MEDIUM”: is a person spirits travel through – a medium is the door the supernatural uses to enter the natural world – what spirits do you think are traveling through OUR media into our homes and minds to influence us.

Poltergeist movie

oh those crazy Rothschilds!

Would you believe that reality is crazier than fantasy? I have been a truth seeker since I was a teenager (today is my 39th birthday) so I have found out a lot of things mainstream education or society would consider too far out to be truth.


Let me start out by stating I was born in Far Rockaway Queens, New York and went to a catholic school. When we moved to Norfolk, Virginia when I was 11 years old I soon was introduced to baptist preaching, and let me say if you are familiar with the way a catholic priest delivers sermons and then you have the privilege to sit front row to a baptist preacher – WOW its a whole new world. Continue reading

OK the Clippers…

OK the Clippers owner was banned from the NBA for private conversations which revealed his belief to align with what mainstream media call bigotry. As I am not shedding a tear for him losing his position and some of the backlash he is receiving from his comments. I am wondering could this be a set up…could this be a set up to condition us – the masses – to agree to persecute those THEY call bigots. What happens if media publicize YOUR private conversations and decide your conversations are wrong? What happens when your voice to promote the gospel is labeled by mainstream media as “bigotry”? Once again I am not saying he shouldn’t have gotten fired what I am saying is this media frenzy that is dividing us is only setting us up for something real sinister in the future.

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