Dr. King speech:”We are coming to get our Check”


“…Our government was giving away millions of acres of land…not only did they give the land they built land grant collages with GOVERNMENT MONEY to teach them how to farm


they provided county agents to further their expertise in farming


they provided low interest rates in order to mechanize their farms


TODAY these people are receiving millions of dollars not to farm and they are the very people telling the BLACK MAN that he needs to lift himself up by his own boot straps…

this is what we are faced with!

THIS is the reality!

Now when we come to Washington in this campaign we are coming:

TO GET OUR CHECK!” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He was assassinated before he reached our country’s capital.

MLK (1)

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Lets celebrate Dr. Kings FULL dream

just 60 years ago

bus boycotts

Never doubt the power you have to change things…Our power as a people will always be when we meet in unity inspired by Our God to take action!


You empower what you finance…stop financing what doesn’t honor you.


Their is so much wealth in your community if you would just look.


I have to believe “dreams” are a occurance of eternal proportions. Dreams are visions into fate that describe you and your destiny. Science has trivialized “dreams” as common and meaningless occurences that only speaks to your past.Image I believe dreams are sometimes vision’s from God that when we have the courage to act on accomplish awesome and great things in this earth. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. may have only used “dream” in a figurative way to articulate his vision of progress I however believe he was illuminating the vision Continue reading