Love Bleeds Freedom

I pledge allegiance to love as an institution

Faith is the foundation

HIS WORD is the constitution

hope is the implication of every word spoke

I hope it breaks you free from your limitation

to break free is liberation from that dark bondage

Truth is the key to unlock the cycle to

and reunite you with the promise

I pray HIS spirit merge with each lyric and every word

for the truest inspiration

I present this poem from the deepest parts of my heart, honest,and with all due respect I detect issues in you that developed into habits like heavy baggage that keeps you moving backwards replaying yesterdays most tragic situations

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“…its a cold world
where truth loses
lies win, but when i look in your eyes and analyse
the intimate
and beautiful horizon
I realize, “hey baby we on another plain, but we can go higher”
communicate with the Messiah
come pray with me…” – Eric Haylock “IMAGINE love”

Knowing who you are

Looking at your heritage with dignity honoring the history of your people is a strength that gives identity.


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Celebrating Black History shouldn’t be looked at as divisive, but rather it must be the story we tell over and over again until the persevering spirit of OUR people is solidified in the hearts of our children.

We will lose ourselves to foreign and damaging agendas if we forget

 who we are. Continue reading