“Everybody wanna fly”

“Everybody wanna fly”

first spoken word piece from the project, “MY PEOPLE” give me some feedback


“this might be my best poem”

this might be my best poem

or at the very least the next poem

the one after the last one

I promise not to expound on how blacks blood goes SPLAT 

when they blast guns

NO, not this time around                                                                  Image

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with honor

My mother is a great source of inspiration for me and countless others. I find it easy to give honor to a woman who fearlessly chases her calling in God. My mother is where I gained the courage to express myself artistically with honesty and character. my mother taught me love with her lifestyle and exemplified passion with her…well she taught me passion with her lifestyle also…she is very, very passionate. 

Deirdre Love

my mother who applied the wisdom of her mother


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