fan your flames

When you are actively pursuing your goals

you will notice your circle become smaller.


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your passion, my passion

I admire how when those who immigrate to this country (illegally or otherwise) aren’t satisfied with only their well being and prosperity. They immediately send for family and others that were left in the poor conditions of their homeland.


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Have you ever been bothered by something that doesn’t seem to bother anyone else? I have; the death rate and just the chaotic level of violence in the Chicago streets keeps me up at night. I complain about it, pray about it, think about, and I am in the process of making a mini documentary about it. Continue reading



you are a masterpiece predestined to compose poems when you pray

today is a fresh canvas – new start

spray – paint freedom with pure passion

until potential becomes purpose!

sing life’s songs – STRONG!

like every minute is the best verses from your HEART

life is in this…

life is in this very moment… live it out with vigorous passion to manifest your purpose or…just sit there either way this moment will turn into memories, but potential will not turn into purpose… without passion…you decide…it’s your life.

last apostle – passion or not – its your life.