Masterpiece poem from “The Revolution that Killed Hip Hop” eBook


a poem from the eBook:

The revolution that killed Hip Hop

This is not quite rap

This is:

Intelligent, poetic, expressions, of inspirations making preparations for your purpose

These verses exercises exorcisms to get that evil out

We don’t need you

I’m a lead my people out that trap

Hip Hop deceived you

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“Distortion” poem from ~ The Revolution that Killed Hip Hop

blood of Jesus


You can keep your material objects

Financial gain doesn’t always mean progress

Especially if you profit off the cane

If everybody is trying to be the next LeBron James

Then who is going to be the doctors

I guess shooting the ball

Is better than shooting in malls

If you have talents use it

But if you are going to do music

That targets blacks

Don’t do gangster rap

crumbled paper

Hip Hop is Dead (and I killed it)

crumbled paper

I only convey the phrases he tells me to portray to you

The word is the bread

 Deeply imbedded into my thoughts

So I only speak when I am lead to talk

They rap about how they trap floss what they bought and beg for your support, but once you get caught they don’t back you in court

And you ride that track

Get you some dollars

Claim that the king of rap is Christopher Wallace

But he refers to himself as Lucifer

So he quite literally has the wickedest flows

last apostle

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Overtaken 2015


“Love People Love GOD”


last apostle

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…as a man I must do as God’s commands say

even if that means i cant stand

I got to get on my knees fold my hands and pray

until every plea turns into a decree

that reaches Jehovah’s throne

and I keep standing

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truly you

When a child is uncertain about themselves they tend to lack confidence and the self assurance that personifies high self esteem. This lack in self worth easily clumps them into the follower category which only further clouds identity working against them from discovering who they really are and possessing the confidence that comes from knowing yourself. This lack of identity translates into that child becoming who ever is dominate in their environment often defining themselves as whatever the confident self assured leader is.

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my best poem

“…Im as a prophet who was sent to the projects

I don’t spit for a profit, but that you would get progress

while you pray to the Master for a breakthrough

I pray that you master the process…”


“I think you overestimate the places cash can take you

why do you define your value by what you have in your pockets…”

excerpt from new book

crumbled paper

Wisdom in part is predicting the future. Wisdom can make the differentiation between seasons. Wisdom knows when to plant seeds and when to harvest what was planted. Wisdom can see danger from a distance and guide you into a preferred outcome.

last apostle