Colorblind is…

Saying you’re colorblind is to ignore an obvious characteristic of a person for the sake of social inclusion. The colorblind approach is to purposely choose ignorance as a remedy for biases.


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the POWER of art

The articulation of emotion can resonate in the soul and drive you to deep places 

places you wouldn’t venture if not for the poem that pronounced so intimately your pain

dangerous artist

The power of your gift is unmeasurable

the significance of your talent is potent!

artist your ART can turn a nation and rouse a people

Black people your expression is the future vision of a royal heritage

the truth

The more powerful the truth the more resistance there is to accepting that truth.


The path of righteousness is a very narrow path…in fact it is pressing on every side, however the wide path…the path that MOST people travel is the path towards destruction, and it is the MOST accepted path.

I am Hebrew

Ask yourself, “Am I offended by this statement of truth because it requires me to change my mind about how I live my life?”

I let go of being socially acceptable…it is society that rejects truth so when I stand on truth society will reject me.


truly you

When a child is uncertain about themselves they tend to lack confidence and the self assurance that personifies high self esteem. This lack in self worth easily clumps them into the follower category which only further clouds identity working against them from discovering who they really are and possessing the confidence that comes from knowing yourself. This lack of identity translates into that child becoming who ever is dominate in their environment often defining themselves as whatever the confident self assured leader is.

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vocalizing the whole truth


 I am vocalizing a truth that is vital to us as a people disconnected to our power, but long to reclaim our “identity”. Who we are has been distorted we have been told half truths and I believe the powers fear us realizing the knowledge of who we truly are. I am passionately presenting the truth of who WE are without the “distortion” that we currently languish in. ~ Eric Haylock

crumbled paper

Divisive – new poem

…a people without a identity will become impoverished / poverty will become their identity

truth is the key that unlocks knowledge / releases freedom to see into what success is

there’s an invisible entity that is oppressive

it controls the airwaves projects garbage / suppresses inspiration, but lets the despair play

I want to present a diverse expression of who GOD is

like an motivational concert on how 

establishing the KINGdom is the most significant thing you will ever accomplish…

last apostle

Eric Haylock



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last apostle