The power of Identity

I believe with proper identity we side step many of the snares of the enemy.


Removing the ambiguity of our collective identity creates a continuity that alligns us as a people that can facilitate autonomy. When ignorance is replaced with knowledge we gain a footing to build plans based off of vision. With proper identity we submit to wisdom and nurture purpose. Identity cultivates prosperity and reveals our inadequacies.

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The answer to racism is NOT diversity

What we know about race in an American sense is not how race is known biblically.


It stands to reason that in order to properly address and combat the satanic principality of racism we must first understand what “race” is. Race as we understand it in post colonised countries is from an Anglo Saxon and Darwin based paradigm.


The Origin of Species -OR- the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.

Race as was taught and accepted in the academic world was from the perspective of evolution thus the darker races were less evolved than the lighter races. The most respected and accredited scientists wrote and taught that the Negro was less intelligent and closer related to the beast of the field than to the human and therefore inferior to the caucasian man. This is the premise in which the imperialist powers approached RACE no doubt to justify the barbaric treatment of non Caucasian people groups for the benefit of colonialism and slavery.


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oh those crazy Rothschilds!

Would you believe that reality is crazier than fantasy? I have been a truth seeker since I was a teenager (today is my 39th birthday) so I have found out a lot of things mainstream education or society would consider too far out to be truth.


Let me start out by stating I was born in Far Rockaway Queens, New York and went to a catholic school. When we moved to Norfolk, Virginia when I was 11 years old I soon was introduced to baptist preaching, and let me say if you are familiar with the way a catholic priest delivers sermons and then you have the privilege to sit front row to a baptist preacher – WOW its a whole new world. Continue reading




There is power in our tongue to either speak life or speak death, but what does that mean? I believe the power is in reference to faith when we speak there is a power fueling every word, so then we are empowering life with our words or empowering death. Continue reading