The answer to racism is NOT diversity

What we know about race in an American sense is not how race is known biblically.


It stands to reason that in order to properly address and combat the satanic principality of racism we must first understand what “race” is. Race as we understand it in post colonised countries is from an Anglo Saxon and Darwin based paradigm.


The Origin of Species -OR- the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.

Race as was taught and accepted in the academic world was from the perspective of evolution thus the darker races were less evolved than the lighter races. The most respected and accredited scientists wrote and taught that the Negro was less intelligent and closer related to the beast of the field than to the human and therefore inferior to the caucasian man. This is the premise in which the imperialist powers approached RACE no doubt to justify the barbaric treatment of non Caucasian people groups for the benefit of colonialism and slavery.


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now what?

There is so much chatter lately on really important issues. Is it me or does it seem like major events are happening back to back. In times of calamity it is normal for us to look to our leaders to make sense out of these life changing issues. In times of riots…highly publicised and increased racism…to the terrorist act committed on a black senator and pastor being assassinated in prayer meeting at church along with 8 other black people…to black churches being burned down…bomb threats…to the ruling of the Supreme Court on marriage…police brutality,etc.


It is important to seek leadership from our pastors, preachers, and community leaders, but it is the word of God that should be the ultimate authority in your life. Our leaders should confirm the word that the Most High has given you as leaders of your home in truth and in spirit.

When we are faced with tragedy, conflict, and confusion it is the truth of Christ that through knowledge leads to peace. We are being attacked on every side as a society bombarded with new ideas that are solidified into law by our government to redefine our standard or moral code. Continue reading