What happened to the Freedmen’s Bank?

The Freedmen’s Savings and Trust Company, commonly referred to as The Freedmen’s Bank, was incorporated on March 3, 1865.  It was created by the United States Congress along with the Freedmen’s Bureau to aid the freedmen in their transition from slavery to freedom.  – Blackpast.org

sa-6 freedmens bureau, freedmans bank

This was a period in time when the ex – slaves were to become a actual nationality with a system to establish themselves economically as a people, but this effort was thwarted and thus we were never nationalized.

Abraham lincoln was assassinated on April 5,1865 after signing the Freedmen’s Saving and Trust Bill into law JUST A MONTH EARLIER on March 3, 1865! The following President VETOED THIS BILL TWICE! The congress pushed the bill through and the Freedmen’s Bank was established not without much opposition as you can see from this propaganda.

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The ONE thing that is constant is change


We all struggle with uncertainty from time to time perhaps because change  is not secure and the outcome of change is not ,well certain. I am coming to the understanding that because change is constant that if we can somehow predict change we can then position ourselves to stand on the stable ground that is on the other side of change. Continue reading

a PEACEFUL people

I realize that it may be uncomfortable for some when Black People express their pride in their culture. This obviously is because of the history this country has built its foundation on.


Our Blackness should not be met with your defensiveness

Our culture is pride, unity, self – determination, and resilience we are

peaceful people…a faithful people…a chosen people


We are a PEOPLE who forgives

We are a PEOPLE who loves

-with our whole heart –