The Revolution


These people will continue to operate in the stronghold of inferiority that is sustained by the powerful principality of racism until the truth of their IDENTITY is received.


Hip Hop delivered an answer to a disenfranchised people with its esteem building “Black man is god” belief. This new discipline brought with it a culture that filled the void that Jim Crow and slavery left. What we didn’t realize is Hip Hop has a god as does every culture, and the spirit being praised in Hip Hop is not the spirit of the Most High.


Hip Hop is the identity that we accepted because like an abused child who was traumatized we were broken and didn’t know any better. Satan controlled Hip Hop through his entertainment industry to only solidify us in deceit and distancing us from a kingdom mentality. It’s ironic we praised and honored the spirit of the Pharos who enslaved our ancestors unwisely identifying with oppressors yet again.


To know and operate as a “Called out One” is to be an enemy of the world and flourish as His royal priesthood. Those who have accepted Christ and renew their mind daily are converting into a Kingdom citizen. You cannot properly access the full power of your kingdom citizenship until you learn how royalty operates.


You will have a terrible time understanding and functioning as royalty if you struggle with an inferiority mindset or accepted the Hip Hop identity. Continue reading

Psychologically Homeless

It is said that “Black people are: “Psychologically Homeless” “You hate where you come from, because it will never be accepted by where you are”. – Umar Johnson

There is a psychological detachment from your heritage because to acknowledge it means you have to identify with a people currently oppressed by this country. It is easier to not identify yourself with a Nation as other nationalities do, but shrink into the inferiority of a non people and call yourself Black.

If I prove to you that you are of the Tribe of Judah you immediately reject that idea even if I have countless Rabbi’s, Anthropologist, theologians, biblical scholars and historians supporting this conclusion; WHY?  You psychologically know it will clash with your PLACE in American society. Rather than risk your PLACE as a non – people or Black people and anger dominate society and knock the mental status quo you surrender into what is comfortable and settle with this ignorant conclusion: IT DOESN’T MATTER.

We rather chose homelessness than to identify with greatness…with Hebraic people…the people of the bible, because it throws us out of whack psychologically and you know it makes you a threat to the American caste system. – Eric Haylock

Let me ask you this, weren’t you fine with the Jewish people as we have been taught in mainstream academia being the people of the bible?

Why than when you are presented with compelling evidence that this information is in error that you the descendant of the slave are actually those people of the bible it now: DOESN’T MATTER?

To find a Home psychologically will require courage, but be of strong heart faith will push itself into reality you only have to get out of its way.