“The Hebrew and other ancient peoples considered tribal solidarity to be the most important. They were united as one with their ancestors and their descendants. So they accepted responsibility for what their forebears had done, and they would be making the renewal for their descendants. They were aware that the actions of every individual had consequences that affected them all, and perhaps most significantly, the future generations.”

“Our extreme emphasis on individualism and pluralism is virtually the opposite of the Hebrew model.” – Gary Demarest  Continue reading

Our Real Power


Our Real POWER is UNITY!

In your pain and fear you turn to the righteousness of your Creator for peace, and in doing so you are reminded that peace isn’t tranquility or the absence of war. The peace that descends on us from His throne is a peace that keeps you in the midst of this current storm. You must remember to lean on this peace when certain injustice  compounds the wounds made from our authority and accepted by our society. The images of young and vibrant lights are violently extinguished on video stabbing our conscience provoking us to cry out for the reciprocity that should be common to any human life. Remember to temper your conscience and remind your rational to gage your requirement for justice for this need for righteousness may elude us once again.It is the peace of the Most High that will fill the obligation that America almost always reneges on.

It is our coming together as a people that will empower our communities and strengthen our courage and raise our consciousness.

The power that deforms the idea of right is also the power that decides if it should hold itself accountable.

Ida B. Wells

Black Wall Street

Black Wall Street

Tulsa, Oklahoma


black wealth

When Blacks were denied access to white facilities the Black people of Tulsa started their own community. Marcus Garvey even planned to have ships transport goods from France, Africa, Canada, and other places to do business with this thriving city before the city was terrorized by surrounding Mayors and white mobs. 

black bombings

This is a part of our history that must be taught to over and over again. Continue reading

fickel bonds

If our unity is based upon me ignoring injustice then I question the validity of our unity…my compassion for a perishing people is born out of love … I share in the suffering of others, and in the diversity of relationships…please allow me to want something more for a hurting people without you translating it as divisive.