SLAM POETRY  click photo to see video of SLAM POETRY

For those of you who don’t know what SLAM POETRY is well it is like spoken word on steroids and really high energy. I as a poet and a man of God always struggled with performing spoken word that was judged by others in a competition, because I felt like it belittles the point of poetry. I have only now come to the realization that SLAM POETRY is a platform for those who are super serious about what they have to say. I personally dont perform for points, but to SPEAKLIFE into the atmosphere. If you want to step your delivery up and cut the fat off – I mean really perfect your craft SLAM POETRY is where its at (its fun to watch too).



if your redeemed

then you’re a King or a Queen

He can live in and through

you decide

will you paint “Masterpieces

that are perfectly placed on the path

to inspire them to rise higher

than just the accumulation of cash


speak in a peace

that will help them bypass the wrath that disaster releases