Power Structure

There is a system that is in place that is designed by a few to keep power in the hands of the few. We have a democracy here in America that is the model to the world as the highest standard of government, as it would seem. We are now in a point in history where most historians would speculate is the beginning of our fall. If you study history and civilizations you will find that when the culture descends into great immorality and then the laws reflect that dis-attachment to the fear of God- ruin follows. Our power structure is build on blood, oppression, and biblical principals. Power is the policy of the privileged; Now I do not wish to beat that horse of the elite anymore then it has already been beaten I only desire that you grasp the magnitude of the place this road of power has taken us. The blood that this country was built was that of the Native American and the land it gained was developed by a people enslaved. Oppression is very important to the rise of a Nation for not one Nation rises without a back to step up on. The governmental structure America choose to establish is most reminiscent of Ancient Rome,Greece, and the Athens not so much the bible as we are lead to believe-not that the Principals of the bible aren’t present, its just that the founding fathers are more sympathetic to Deism. I am not pounding the drum of doom only helping you to turn you ear to a new sound “Revolution Music”. We are at the cusp of what I call the “New Jerusalem Renaissance” this is a movement in purpose and faith. You must understand that purpose and faith in a people who are more valuable to the current Power Structure locked in cycles of poverty and doubt makes them nervous. Our current Power structure can not stand unless God’s people are ignorant to who they are called to be. I find it very interesting that when people are gaining a foothold on economic stability this “Government shutdown” comes to re-position the classes as those in power see it fit. We are not align with the will of God as this country was supposedly built on, and a fall will come if we don’t heed the beat of this new sound, this new movement, this “New Jerusalem Renaissance”

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