The Federal Reserve

The “FED” is a mystery to most of the citizens of this country. The Federal Reserve is a private banking or central banking system that is independent of the United States of America formed by a powerful few on Jeckel island in 1914. Many U.S Presidents forecasted trouble for the people of this country and stated that it is totally unconstitutional according to Article 1 of the Constitution of the United States, yet it exist and we fight over what to do over the national debt-yes this national debt– is the money we owe the “FED”. After the civil war Abraham Lincoln shifted the value from the slave to land consequently moving wealth from the south to the north. President Lincoln also had the big idea of the “Greenbacks” this was to get the country away from a central banking system, and as a result this was printed in-“The Hazard Circular”- in July 1862,”Slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan(Central banking system – Federal Reserve) is that capital shall control labor by controlling money. it will not do to allow the greenback as we cannot control that.” Lincoln wanted to eliminate the “Central Banking System” which created debt at a rate the country would never be able to climb out of. JFK also tried to thwart the debt creating “FED” with the Executive order 11110 which authorized the U.S. Treasury to print US Notes- free of debt-about 4 billion worth on June 4 1963. In all this talk of defaulting on a loan and debt ceiling woes we should wonder to WHO are we indebted. The FED is a private banking cartel a small group of people in other countries like London. One last question you might want to ask; where is the FED getting the money to give to us?

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    • I appreciate your comment and i suspect that you enjoy intelligent dialog… so then I will reply to your reply first off as to the statement”simply” as me and you know that any law that is passed especially in regards to the banking system is never “SIMPLE” and the Fed came into existence on the sly in 1918 not 1863 as you have stated.Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and many other US Presidents contested the Central Banking system.

  1. >>>simply
    if you prefer the word “merely”….. or “just” or “nothing more”….
    The Federal Reserve system came into existence as such on december 23, 1913; and went into operation November 16, 1914.
    and it was the continuation and adjustment of the national currency bank system given to ye by Abraham Lincoln

    >>>>Abraham Lincoln, …. contested the Central Banking system.
    To put it bluntly (bluntly, not rudely): this remark reveals your lack (complete lack) of knowledge regarding Abraham Lincoln.

    “a national bank is highly necessary and proper to the establishment and maintenance of a sound currency, and for the cheap and safe collection, keeping, and disbursing of the public revenue” —said Abraham Lincoln; and by “national bank” he meant a bank of the united states

    The legislative history of the United States notes:–

    please click on my userName, and read my choice words on the mythological Lincoln, and the propagators of that mythology

    Lincoln’s second annual message—

    • I have a decent knowledge of the president Lincoln as I will not proclaim to be an expert. I believe I can comprehend facts and and historical transcripts enough to understand the stance of that president and not the promoted myth that time and certain political views desires to project, you know be: objective. I was only clarifying his stance on the FED as to his promotion of the “greenbacks” as I have mentioned, and you(a Abraham Lincoln expert I guess) already know the greenbacks are to replace the central banking system that he and many of his constituents saw as trouble and unconstitutional.Sir if you can explain his greenback campaign and JFK’s no interest notes (and executive order to halt the FED) please do in the mean time Ill check out the second annual message from Lincoln, because he is one of the more important and interesting Presidents. A little side note I have seen campaign promotions from his political adversaries exposing his African heritage-your thoughts.

  2. Abraham Lincoln did NOT contest the central banking system, he was FOR a central banking system !

    My words on Lincoln’s attitude towards negroes, with links to other people’s much more words on Lincoln who intended to ship out the africans from the United States:—

    >>> his greenback campaign
    I cannot reach into your head and plant information in there, you have to read the facts in the case

    the facts in the case show that there was no “his greenback campaign”
    The plan in 1861 was to establish a national currency bank system, make the notes of these banks legal-tender, have them issue $300million of their notes, and finance the war that way.
    By the end of 1861 it became clear to the fathers of this plan (Spaulding, Chase, Hooper, Sherman) that this package cannot be passed in Congress in time to finance the war; so a two step plan was adopted: first they issued legal-tender U.S. notes, a year lated passed the National currency bank Act, then re-placed US notes with national bank notes

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