With knowledge we are able to correctly decide what path we are to travel. Knowledge in its purest form is to “fear” God. Now “fear” in Hebrew is translated as: magor meaning terror, and in the Greek: aphobos meaning terrified. What if we are to take the term fear in the scriptures literal. The Most High who gives and supplies all of my needs is the Great I AM who keeps me, blesses me, and leads me. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to honestly be afraid of life without God.To come to the realization that actual life absent of Him would be the equivalent to hell. Knowledge is to fear the lord understanding is to shrew evil..”.the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”…Proverbs 1:7. If knowledge is to respectfully fear God then understanding would be to run, flee, keep away from darkness or ignorance. Darkness is evil and in Hebrew darkness is: chaos so then the Light of the world being the Living breathing Word of God: Christ the Prince of Peace. It would be safe to conclude that light is a peace and secure understanding of our standing in relation to God’s will or the separation from ignorance, folly, chaos, evil or simply darkness. To “fear” God is to keep Him Holy and to walk in ignorance is to walk in darkness or chaos. Let us get knowledge and understanding so that we may be able to correctly maneuver this uncertain terrain called life.

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