Who gets credit for your increase?

What you have accomplished in this life is a result of the favor of God; your talent with intellect combined into action. Whether you have inherited millions or was born an orphan any increase you benefit from is from above.There is a power at work for and against the assignment inscribed in your heart expressing itself in visions and pressing urges of the soul. You may be worth millions or only have a penny to your name, but if you haven’t picked up the yoke and tilled the calling God planted in you like a seed then your death will be of no legacy. Your earthly success will burn or decay, but it is your spiritual life that will echo through eternity amplified in your bloodline for generations. You can align with one of two kingdoms to accomplish an assignment. One assignment is of the spirit and it is abundant life the other is to make your flesh god and manifest death.

2 thoughts on “Who gets credit for your increase?

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