forward by last apostle

Now look we all here thinking we making some type of progress

some sort of forward motion

in the direction of our purpose

like they say

even when you fall you fall


and you learn way more from your failures then you will ever learn from successes

so the fact that you are still breathing is an

 testament that God is still at work in your life


here is the thing…and when I say THING

I mean the hard truth that is the sobering realization

 you may be  in the process of doing do-nuts in the wilderness of your transition

refusing to face that giant and yell right when God

gives the cue, because it might make you look crazy

so your rationalizing running laps in

“just enough”

because it is what logical, mature adults do isn’t it?

Well …yes…mature adults show their ability to respond to the trials of life

by not putting their family in harms way…they play it safe


this NOT what moving forward is

moving  forward is…well…Moving and moving is not just being busy

it is being brave

Being in God’s will because God’s will is a MOVEMENT

I guarantee you that God’s will for your life is:

that you are to take that courageous step in faith

to posses a dream

that obstacles and credit scores say you cannot claim

I will tell you the truth

if you are not attempting the impossible or passionate about a vision

that no one thinks you can achieve then you are

not moving forward

I say again if a broken heart is keeping you from letting

love have a place at the table, storms, or the timing not being perfect is

keeping you in the safe place of complacency

then you are not moving forward

your promise is on the inside of the city of Jericho

and you have to boldly and bravely yell right when God gives the cue

no matter how ridiculous those

educated, mature adults say you look

for moving in such an illogical irrational direction

MOVING FORWARD requires a faith

that standing still doesn’t

don’t fool yourself if you are not

facing a giant fighting to posses an impossible dream

then you may not be in God’s will

because God’s will is a forward motion.

2 thoughts on “forward by last apostle

  1. “Turn where you will, the lesson is the same; that it is not in departure from but in conformity to divine precept dint a nation will find its prosperity; that there is a law of retribution for the sin of a people as of a person, and that it is only by cleaving to, the right at every sacrifice that any hope of a broad; enduring unity can be justified.

    “It was a declaration that led up to much thought and was sign ificant of much which has since transpired, that this nation could not endure half free and half slave, that one or the other would he su preme. But it is a truth of far, deeper significance that this nation will not long survive as such with no God anywhere in its Constitution, with policies shamelessly substituted for duties, and with a Government the antithesis rather than the exponent of any aspiration of the people for higher development as a free Christian State. The end of such conjunctions must be desolating anarchy, and will be fatal to all respect for authority. What other is the meaning of that strange and stupendous demoralization which has characterized the administration of public affairs in these United States as the result of three quarters of a century of growth ? Without doubt ours has been for many, years the worst governed community on the face of the globe, in all aspects of official conduct. Fraud and peculation and neglect and waste and indulgence and nepotism and intrigue and timeserving, and all the calendar of crimes; do our governing. Towns and cities and States, with mul tiplied charters and checks, have all taken the same character, fallen to a large extent under sinister control, become asylums of corruptions, are a jeer and a byword of reproach. Names of policeman, alderman, Congressman bear a stain. When quit of his vocation the curious ask, “Is he honest?” Politics have become a filthy pool, in whose waters the good and brave shrink to be immersed. And this in its entirety is the result of a practical atheism in government. The ignoring of any moral responsibility in the State entails the absence of any practical morality in its administration. What other could be the outcome of such national apostasy than the national demoralization upon which, we have fallen ? And from whence are we to expect any reform ? Be sure it will not be from continuance in such courses.”

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